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Test Enanthate and PIP

We are seeing more and more labs pushing concentrations, eg TEST 400 is now a common addition with many UGLs although usually put together with a more toxic solvent such a EO (Ethyl oletate) so the lab can keep the PIP (Post Injection Pain) lowIt is very difficult to put a test 400 together without the use of EO AND keep it pain free. I would certainly be suspicious of a TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 400MG PER ML claim with the lab suggesting no EO was used.

Now and then, we see a batch of Testosterone Enanthate in the usual smooth 250 mg -300 mg concentration range also carrying PIP and not just with one UGL either. We can see a period where many UGL’s are suddenly giving us painful Testosterone Enanthate, so why does this happen?

Most UGL’s will ultimately, be buying powders from the same chinese source. It may hit a middle man before it arrives with the UGL, but its journey usually originally started from the same contact that most ugl’s shareThat contact will occasionally send out raws that are not as pure as previously. (A great reason for all UGL’S to continuously be testing powder purity with either a full essay or minimum a melting point test.)

So how does this translate into painful injections?

test enanthate pip

Imagine purity drops, and the original contact has sent out a testosterone enanthate at just 80% purity. The 20% that isn’t testosterone enanthate has to be something else of courseand that something else is POWDERED SOLVENTS, usually POWDERED ALCOHOL. Your UGL isn’t always aware of the drop in purity and will continue to ADD EVEN MORE powdered solvents.

So let’s look at an equation that demonstrates why PIP can be associated with a common dosage on testosterone enanthate such as TEST 300.

If the TEST 300 was made by your ugl with almost pure (eg 99%) testosterone enanthate powder, then a 10ml vial should contain no more than 0.2ml of Alcohol BUT if the TEST 300 powder was just 80% in purity, then the amount of alcohol per 10ml vial is a mammoth 2.2ml of Alcohol!! Nearly a quarter of the vial is solvents, which will undoubtedly cause PIP.

There is a simple method for all UGL’s to ensure EVERY powder that arrives is 100% pure. As a UGL you should know this, but if you don’t, please contact me, ill be glad to help you improve your product for the Iron Brothers.

Remember! whilst PIP can of course be hugely discomforting, USUALLY it’s nothing to be concerned about and will fade over time, although more often than not, a hard lump can be left behind which can take longer than the pain to disappear. IF FEVER ever follows shortly after the pip, please do consider a course of antibiotics such as Amoxicillin because otherwise infection can occur.


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