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swisschems lab result

Swisschems sell an array of products, but one particular product BAC WATER, recently caused some serious pain for a customer, and so that customer decided to send the the product off to Janoshik for testing. The results of the lab analysis were remarkable.

Swisschems sell both Bacteriostatic water and Acetic Acid. Both can be used for injection in very low purity mixes. Under no circumstances, should the two be mixed since a chemical reaction will occur.

Bacteriostatic water should contain Benzyl Alcohol at 0.09% but Swisschems water shows a much higher concentration of Alcohol at 0.34! Not only is the Alcohol content much higher than it should be, but they have also added an absurd amount of Acetic Acid! The bacteriostatic water they sell actually holds more Acetic Acid than the Acetic Acid they sell.  Since they are mixing the two compounds together, does this mean we are now injecting the new esterification from the chemical reaction, eg Acetylphenol? , and if that is so, is injecting Acetylphenol even safe?  My research suggests it most certainly is not. I would 100% be avoiding Swisschems based on this.

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  1. Terrible. Can’t even get Bac Water right. I would hate to think of there oils and what is contains. ✌️🙏✌️

  2. This explains everything to me. I purchased peptides from peptide eu but had to finish them because I got an infection and needed hospital admitting. I thought it was peptide but lab results came back showing 97%. I didn’t check the water, but it was the bac water from swischems, wow.

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