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Is Janoshik legit?
My answer is… “YES! 100%”

Janoshik is well known in the UGL world as the guy that will test your anabolics.  For a fee of around £100, you can get any compound tested so that you can ascertain that the Lab you have chosen to use is giving you what you pay for.

Time is a precious commodity and it is something that can be limited, especially if preparing for a bodybuilding competition. To waste time using a product that is either under dosed or not even the compound it claims to be, is extremely frustrating, and thus, Janoshik offers an extremely useful service that every honest UGL should welcome with open arms.
Of course, there will always be the UGL’s (or sources) online that claim Janoshik is not legit, and the usual reason is because they have a vested interest in a lab that is not being honest.

You will find a lot of distrust over at Eroids for Janoshik, which to be honest is no surprise since Eroids is rife with dishonest Labs.
I’m certainly not suggesting every lab on Eroids is dishonest, but having seen many lab results over the years from some of the labs operating there, i can say with conviction that there are many producing poor quality Anabolics.

Recently Roy over at Meso decided to test Janoshik with a little mix of Testosterones. The mix being Enanthate, Cypionate and Propionate.
The mix held 80mg of both the long esters and just 40mg of the short ester propionate.
This was a blind test. Janoshik had absolutely no idea what the vial contained, yet Janoshik as expected, returned a lab result showing every compound and the dosages. You can find the lab result below.

If any UGL tells you that Janoshik is not legit and to ignore a lab result, move on!  THAT UGL is the bad guy here.
Remember, an honest UGL will LOVE janoshik and what he offers the community,  it is a sure way to let us know who to avoid, and in this game, that really is everything!

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