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I think Pharmacom have found themselves on this website more than any other lab in recent weeks. If you remember, we spoke highly of Pharmacom when they first hit the UGL scene. We even gave them the title of best ugl 2020! The Pharmacom Primobolan they produce was very close to the label claim.

A professional looking lab with a fantastic website and packaging of the product and of course many lab results showing the products to be accurate in dosage.
As i have said previously, whilst it is great when a new lab hits the market with all the lab results, remember, more often than not, it is the UGL itself that has sent the compounds away to be tested, and thus, abuse of the system is common.

Recently Pharmacom have come under fire on various bodybuilding forums for a whole host of reasons. We have even ourselves, recently posted a lab result that not only showed a product that was under in dosage, but the product was missing compounds too.
It was at this point, we did say to our Subscribers, The Pharmacom of pre covid days is very different to the Pharmacom of 2022.

One of the products that Pharmacom creates is Nandrolone Decanoate, at a massive 600mg per ml.
Obviously at such an extreme high strength dosage, not only does a more toxic solvent need to be used to aid absorption, but even with that solvent assistance, the product can give serious pip. (I’d doubt the product more if it didn’t!)

5 years ago, Pharmacom Deca was tested at being 678mg per ml. Why they would make it at 78mg above the already stupidly high dosage i have no idea, especially with the knowledge these guys have, knowing that even with 600mg, pip was highly likely.

Here was the dosage in 2017 of Pharmacom 600mg Deca.

Fast forward 5 years, here is the dosage of the 2022 Pharmacom deca, (thats supposedly still 600mg)

As you can see, the dosage at 497mg is very different to the 678mg from previous testing. One could argue that even at nearly 500mg of deca, it is still a great product, and i would agree with that, BUT pharmacom is not a cheap product as it is. It also begs the question, what else is under?. Nandrolone decanoate raw powders are amongst the cheapest to buy.  If the deca is being under dosed deliberately, what other products are?

We cannot even assume that Pharmacom was given a lower purity powder because, as you can see below, they claim to test every single product before it leaves the lab.

This claim was recently confirmed by Pharmacom themselves, who insisted that JANOSHIK, who tested the product is not legit and has a grudge with Pharmacom. This was proven untrue when Janoshik confirmed that the lab result was a blind one. He had no idea who’s lab it was he was testing, or even what the product was.
My personal opinion is that Pharmacom are not testing ANY products that leave the lab and that the under dosing that is going on is no accident.

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  1. Any recommendations for another lab? I heard Dunning was good but I have no idea how to reach them.

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