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dunning labs primobolan

Dunning Labs do a Primobolan Enanthate with a label claim of 150mg per ml. A recent lab result performed by the ever reliable Janoshik showed that the actual dosage was 142mg, 8mg under the label claim. A respectable result nonetheless.

What makes this lab result even more interesting is the fact that Dunning labs have changed the stated dosage on the label to reflect the actual dosage tested, giving us Primobolan 142!

As well as giving us the new honest dosage on the label, they have even included the janoshik verification key so that the claim is backed with evidence. I really do like this approach, it’s transparent and extremely honest. It would be good to see other labs following the same format instead of “guessing” the dosage on the product as most labs currently do.  If you go searching for dunning labs online, do not purchase from homesteroids website as these guys are involved in scamming.  Just go direct to and ask them for a contact in your area.

Gents, at the moment here in the UK, we do have a decent selection of UGL’s who are all giving us good quality products with honest dosages. Lately it seems that all i ever do on this website is list the bad labs. I really would like to start posting more positive results from some of the decent UGL’s and so i am putting together a list of UK labs that are considered to be consistently honest. Please continue to email me with the “good guys” so that i can get the list uploaded asap!

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  1. lol i have a lot of bottles of this stuff, will just adjust my ml a smidges to get the 150, great work as usual

    • Using myself, probably the best primo I’ve used. I’m also using some products from Chiron, I rate them also. Small lab but seems like another honest outfit

      • yuup but i’ve only tried chirons Test 250 e no pip does it’s job, got some of there npp wanna lose a few pounds till i blast it, but we kinda spoilt at the min with uk ugls, happy days, love dunnings primo 150 ,test e, super parobolin, ttm 330

  2. Where do you guys get your hands on dunnings products? I can’t find it anywhere unfortunately.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. you need to look on uk muscle forums look through dunning threads, there you will find their email address, they don’t have a site. good luck

  4. A list and a viable site or email address where to purchase would be ideal. Private list for members only to see as a viable supplier is also hard to come by these days.

  5. Just won my pro card using dunning labs. The primo is exceptional and easily the best primo I’ve used from a UGL.
    Also the trenbolone products they do are extremely high standard. Customer for life right here.

  6. amen too that brother l, ive got over 20 bottles of the stuff after using 20 bottles, stuff is legit. congrats on your card💪🏻👍🏻

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