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Roidtest, which claims to be able to test most anabolic steroids is highly inaccurate.  You can search the internet and find many roidtest reviews online. Trustpilot will tell you it’s no good, a high percentage of amazon reviews will tell you that the results are inaccurate and not to mention the countless bodybuilding forums online where guys have been disappointed by the results the testing system gave.

Now, i can tell you, the roidtest system is absolute garbage. Recently i personally tested some products and the results were as follows.
Anavar came back as Anadrol.
Dianabol came back as Turinabol
Test Enan came back as Tren enan.

I have more kits but to be truthful after 3 inaccurate tests i just gave up.
Don’t waste your time, effort or money looking for roidtest reviews, take it from me, you will be sorely disappointed.
Use one of the reliable testing services offered such as Janoshik or Chemtox.

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