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Lab results can be misleading

New UGLs are cropping up all over the world, all of the time. Some of those labs are re-branded existing labs, some are labs brand new to the scene, but many times those labs arrive on the scene with the backing of countless Product test results.
Often the test results are extremely favourable to the lab showing accurate dosage and more often than not, a dosage that exceeds that of the label claim.

This is of course, a huge selling point for the UGL. Many forums and websites, ourselves included, will post up the results and back the claim that the UGL is indeed an honest outfit, backed with evidence.

Here is where it can be misleading though. Most of the time, especially with a new lab (or re-branded lab) that has hit the market, the test results being displayed, have been given to the lab testing facility by the UGL itself!
I would guess 90% of UGLs sending there own compounds off for testing made those compounds JUST FOR TESTING… They deliberately overdosed on the Anavar, the Primo, the Tren, Test etc.

I’ve seen some crazy dosage claims recently from a lab I won’t name, that was claiming a primo 100 they had for sale was actually dosed at 114mg per ml.
Knowing how much Primo powder is to purchase, knowing how little the profit is, I do not believe that they would lose so much money creating a batch of Primo at this dosage. I would make an educated guess that the Primo they sent off for testing was the ONLY vial containing 114mg per ml. It’s anyone’s guess what the real dosage was on the rest of the batch. But of course, customers will blindly believe what the result says, a criminal wouldn’t dare lie to us right?…..

I’m not saying it is every UGL but what I am saying is the lab result represents the vial that they tested, and the likelihood that the other vials they sell carry an active compound are high.. But that’s really all they do say. They can not give you a guarantee that the rest of the batch they had made up was the same dosage.

The only real genuine Lab result that you can trust in, is the one from the vial you used and sent off yourself.

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  1. Indeed brother and totally inline with my thoughts and understanding.
    Every time I try a different source it will be sub par to my regular.
    I believe that once you find a source that you trust it pays to stick with them and develop a loyalty and in doing so it will support the lab in a way that they can maintain cost on procuring the best quality raws and production standards, just like any business.
    Everyone seeks to save money, however quality and consistency comes with a price.
    It’s just not worth cutting corners that ultimately impact one’s health.

    Thank you for keeping us informed bud🙏🏼


  2. It’s been awhile since I had a newsletter from yourself. Good to see it’s still going.
    For sure though. That first batch of 10ML or 100ML will always be overdosed. You just have to hope that your source is on point and the labs they stock are honest enough to try their best. I know things are tough with prices and cutting corners. I don’t mind a slight cut as long as there is no cutting been done on the hygiene side of the lab. A label claim of 250 with a lab result of 225 is fine with me. Especially at the prices I pay. Plus chemists these days are not like the days of old. They didn’t even get their GCSE Maths. 😜😜😜
    As long as it’s clean and near the stated amount I can live with that until things improve. But you can always make your own but then again you have the problem of the powder source cutting corners and well known labs should in essence be using the best sources and also batch test each batch in an ideal world. That’s an ideal world scenario. Everything coming from China will always be in doubt at this time. I remember when powders were coming in from Italy and Europe labs. They were good days.
    Best regards,
    S. ✌️🙏✌️

  3. Same as above. i can deal with dose being 10% under. even 15% id accept. but sterility is urgent. oh seen someone mention rohm. rohm is not the same anymore dont bother. just search on google for dunning labs, titan labs or chiron labs. all are ok and decent labs

  4. There are only 2 labs that Ive found that test their products, why would you send a product to be tested then start under dosing? These two lab’s always have long use by dates so you know they’re selling stacks of the stuff, it looks professional and the product I tested was perfect.Not only that you can tell it works. That 2019 list you have like Dunning Rohm Triumph Titan are pile of cheap garbage. People are affiliated with these amateur labs you know the labs that are good do your homework.

    • The words of a lab owner doing exactly what I’ve just said.. lol…. The fact you have just claimed dunning and titan to be cheap garbage says everything about ur reply fella… zero knowledge… enjoy ur weekend 🙂

    • Hey Yeabuddy. contact janoshik about the adelphi drama. they were doing exactly what this site publisher has suggested. you dont no shit… looks professional so it must be? hahaha. think u need to do ur homework pal.

    • Cheap garbage from amateur labs? I’m using one of those cheaper labs now, and yeah would agree they are amateur. CHIRON.. tested it too, it’s best lab I ever used. I’ve tried the overpriced pharmacom, why pay more for the same quality?

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