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I did promise a weekly review on the current product i am using, being Trestolone Decanoate, 100mg per ml, but to be honest, went into week 2 with zero changes. We now enter week 3 and we see changes, and so here is the update on WEEK 3 of using 300mg each week of just the one compound TRESTOLONE DECANOATE. The lab being Dunning labs.

5.11 – 252lb – (17%) – objective – competition in Thailand in November.

WEEK 3.  (Current Weight 257lb) (+5lb)

So we have been doing 1 x 3ml injection per week. Total 300mg (100mg per ml) Using a blue needle and injection site being Glute.  No Pip whatsoever, very smooth injection. We didn’t really see or feel any changes in week 1 and into week 2, but into week 3 it’s all starting to happen quite quickly and this is becoming a very interesting journey.
Weight Gain has increased by 5lb. we are now sitting at 257lb.
Mood and Libido have been elevated, such a great sense of well being, which can be seen both in the Home and Gym environment.
Strength gains are very evident with increases on just about every exercise.
Appetite has increased as well as body temperature, although not too uncomfortable at this stage.

The only downside at this stage is Water retention and Acne.  Whilst the acne is minor, it took me by surprise since it’s something i have never suffered with previously. Hopefully it won’t flare up and is just a temporary issue.
The water retention may need to be controlled soon with the use of an Ai such as Anastrozole, but i am going to leave it as late as possible before adding that in.  The fullness that this compound gives is on another level to anything else i have ever used and i really am enjoying it.  Very happy with current progress. I will update again in a couple of weeks as we get into the cycle properly and see the drug working in full effect.


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  1. Nice update mate. I was on holiday when you first done the first email with info detailing cycle. I’ve been interested in Trestolone for awhile but sourcing it is another thing. Think I’ll just stick with test as my comp days are over and I run TRT doses but a little higher in summer for obvious reasons to 300mg every 8 days which is a little cheeky and OTT but got to get that muscle on and vascular appearance going on. At 245lbs with abs I wouldn’t call 300 a massive dose but it’s definitely not TRT dose. I’ll taper down to 225-250 every 8 days once the cold weather comes back.

    Keep at it. 💪💪💪

    Best regards,
    S. ✌️🙏✌️

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