The Most Popular UGL 2017

The current most popular Underground Laboratory as voted by UGLNEWSLETTER readers.


This List will be updated with New Labs submitted by our readers. In order for a Laboratory to appear on this list, it will need to receive at least 5 independent votes by our readers.  Should we get those 5 voters, then that Lab will appear on this list with zero votes.

Important to remember!!!! This List is nothing more than a Popularity contest!  If you want to see our BEST UGL list with labs that have been backed with actual lab results, then that list can be found here

In order to add a Lab not currently shown to the list, simply add it to the form below the poll.

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  1. Brillian lab and the producer is brilliant always keeps in touch and very honest about the product he supply, couldn’t as for more. Top lab


  2. Probably in a better position than most to comment because i have used many of those labs in that list, so here goes..
    PHARMACOM, clean, sterile gear, accurately dosed but expensive as fuck, rip off.
    INFINITI – Nothink to shout about.
    ALPHA PHARMA – Can’t go wrong with AP, does the job but overpriced.
    DIMENSION LABS – resellers that charge too much for it, but it works and is what it says it is.
    PROSTASIA – underdosed bunk, not sure how the fuck its top of ur list???
    IRONSUP – var was good, the tbol was bunk.
    SPHINX – good prices and good gear.
    DUNNING – good prices and good gear.
    MALAY TIGER – infection city.. shit is dirty.
    ROHM – either someone is faking or its turned to shit, used to be awesome stuff.
    MTS – underdosed bullshit.
    RX – crap.
    BALTIC – good prices and good gear.
    APOLLO – good prices and good gear.
    aint used the others. got some GSL here to try next, will update when i finish it.


  3. I was using alpha pharma before it turned shit and then went to sis which was good for ages until it went shit so went to dunning labs which is freakin awesome gear. currently using the anavar and trestolone and rocket fuel boy!


  4. Ladies & Gents…

    Keifei Pharma has proven to me and many others to be a very uniquely clean and great result product. One cannot go wrong with this lab. I will support them now and forever more.

    Absolutely love it…insane results when used properly and professionally. Keep up the good practice Keifei!


  5. Guys heads up Scott Mathews of chesire pharma is a fat scamming bastard and ripped me off never delivered goods AVOID


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