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The current most popular Underground Laboratory as voted by UGLNEWSLETTER readers.

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  1. Brillian lab and the producer is brilliant always keeps in touch and very honest about the product he supply, couldn’t as for more. Top lab

  2. Probably in a better position than most to comment because i have used many of those labs in that list, so here goes..
    PHARMACOM, clean, sterile gear, accurately dosed but expensive as fuck, rip off.
    INFINITI – Nothink to shout about.
    ALPHA PHARMA – Can’t go wrong with AP, does the job but overpriced.
    DIMENSION LABS – resellers that charge too much for it, but it works and is what it says it is.
    PROSTASIA – underdosed bunk, not sure how the fuck its top of ur list???
    IRONSUP – var was good, the tbol was bunk.
    SPHINX – good prices and good gear.
    DUNNING – good prices and good gear.
    MALAY TIGER – infection city.. shit is dirty.
    ROHM – either someone is faking or its turned to shit, used to be awesome stuff.
    MTS – underdosed bullshit.
    RX – crap.
    BALTIC – good prices and good gear.
    APOLLO – good prices and good gear.
    aint used the others. got some GSL here to try next, will update when i finish it.

  3. I was using alpha pharma before it turned shit and then went to sis which was good for ages until it went shit so went to dunning labs which is freakin awesome gear. currently using the anavar and trestolone and rocket fuel boy!

  4. Ladies & Gents…

    Keifei Pharma has proven to me and many others to be a very uniquely clean and great result product. One cannot go wrong with this lab. I will support them now and forever more.

    Absolutely love it…insane results when used properly and professionally. Keep up the good practice Keifei!

  5. Guys heads up Scott Mathews of chesire pharma is a fat scamming bastard and ripped me off never delivered goods AVOID

  6. I see Dunning Labs is top of the List. It’s a small lab but the service and aftercare that the guys offer is unprecedented. The most sterile and accurate dosed gear I have ever used and I have used over 20 labs.

  7. I Made an order through for 3 x dunning tren enan, 3 x dunning test250 and 2 x dimension mast enan. He sent me 4 x dunning tren enan instead and only 1 x mast enan, he made good on the order the next day, sent me another mast enan, told me to keep the extra tren as an apology and even threw in a strip of viagra. Been using the gear 6 weeks now, I’m up 11lb and my sex drive is out of control. Never felt so freakin’ amazing in all my life and I’m 34 now. I tried keifei but it didn’t work as well so not sure what’s up with that.

  8. Was using trac labs test, didn’t rate it, swapped to dunning test and within a week I was a horn dog wanting to fuck anything in a skirt. Dunning labs gets my vote. Peace

  9. agree with Thorny, trac labs, sis, tm all fucking suck compared to dunning & dimension.
    ive competed many times, and these are my only two labs i use throughout my prep, although i prefer keifei halo for finishing off in the last 2 weeks.
    if you wanna compete and come in with genuine dic skin, drier than every other competitor then stick to the following compounds. Dunning Test Prop, Dunning Winny, Dimension Mast Prop, Kiefei T3, Duninng Primo, Dunning Tren Ace, Pharma Anastrazole & Letrozole, Dunning Proviron, Keifei Halotestin. Use the Dimension, Keifei and Dunning Var, and i always get more pump and striations with Dunning than the others. I dont think its a better var, its just a better dosage imo.
    My next comp is 8 weeks, will be hitting stage at 3% thanks to these guys.

  10. Anybody tried dunning eq? I tested via labmax and looks like deca instead of bold. But it has good reviews i will do another test, maybe I put too much drops or something

    • That’s absolute bullshit Adrian.
      I have been competing for many years, last weekend in Birmingham was my 47th comp.
      For the last 3 years, all I have used is Dunning, with EQ being a huge part of my contest preparation alongside MAST, PRIMO and TREN. I know EXACTLY how deca feels, I also know EXACTLY how Eq feels, what it does to me physically and mentally, and it is NOTHING like deca..
      So don’t talk complete bollocks.
      I suggest you redo your test, then return here with your HONEST results afterwards as well as an apology to the DUNNING CREW who keep giving those of us who take this seriously, top class gear.

      • Well the labmax seller said if I’m sure it’s good gear I suppose to retry the test cuz I could do something wrong. I said that
        . I didn’t say is bunk lab.
        Just wanted to know someone’s feedback

      • Sounds like you’ve done your foot work Big Miike. Im on a 16 week cycle ( 5 weeks in) using test cypionate750 mg wk, Eq 700mg wk and Deca 500 mg week all by a Domestic source here in the U.S. named Advanced Elite Labs. Not much to shout about…very vascular( EQ Im assuming) but not much weight gain. In fact I think I havent gained more than 5lbs so far. Im thinking I may have to extend my cycle when AEL gear is gone and jump ship to my backup gear. I have EQ from Geneza Pharm, Test Cypionate from Thaiger Pharm so lets wish me better luck. Never heard of Dunning…gonna look it up

  11. Mike, which fed was you with in birmingham, presuming pca? i was on the same show. Im Dane..
    for what its worth guys, used dunning labs for the last 12month,, the real deal, wont use nothing else now, not even keifei

  12. This whole site is such a set up! 😂😂
    At least 6 labs votes have been mysteriously slashed more than 50% and Dunning stays Top of the Pops! Hmm?? 😂😂😂

    • Actually tiny Dave, every month the votes that came from the same ip get removed..
      it’s one vote per person so stop trying to change the result by repeatedly voting for ur trac crap

  13. The votes are reset every month that have come from the same host or ip. This poll will not be hacked by any lab.

  14. At the moment I use Dimension 250mg Test E weekly for TRT. Pin Mon/Thurs (125mg), drew blood Sunday night and trough is measuring 900+ I’m very happy with Dimension but will be trying Dunning to see if there is less PIP

  15. Guys do u know where can i get cabaser as a single pills. Ive allways get from my supplier who been sending 10 in foil vag xuz most of us don’t need a full jar But it’s finished

  16. Can someone point me in the right direction of quality, reasonably priced halotestin? UGL is fine.
    Thank you bros.

  17. switched from medtech tren to dunning tren after i had the medtech tren labtested with the home kit. it was showing a positive but it was very weak, under dosaged for sure. I did the same home test on the dunning tren and it showed a very visible and dark positive. ive been on it now for just over 6 weeks and its without a doubt the best tren i have ever used.
    i will be going into my next comp in 5 weeks safe in the knowledge i now have a lab i can trust.

  18. was using sis labs going into my prep and getting nowhere fast, the test is hugely under in dosage. swapped to dunning labs test and immediately started getting the gains needed and went into my comp and came respectably 3rd in a tough class.
    dunning is the only lab i trust now. dont use sis labs, its shit.

  19. another dunning labs lover here. Best Tren and Var i have ever used and ive used a shed load over the last decade. if i cant get dunning, ill get dimension, but dimension seems harder to get too recently.

  20. I can’t seem to figure out why labs like zphc and spectrum and sp and Magnus pharmacuticals aren’t in any of these top list and labs there labs that take the most respect and steps to brew gear in the cleanest legit highly qualified labs with the best machines around just like Balkan and alpha pharma and none of these labs are listed is mind blowing but hey wtf do I know I’m just another guy with an opinion as far as I’m concerned these are the best labs most proberly dosed cleanest gear around pcom,Balkan,sp,zphc,spectrum,Magnus,alpha pharma,kefiei,and I’d say dunning and dimension is in there too as far as qauilty gear goes but those are the only labs u should be using….. And from the right srcs dragon pharma and para pharma can also be trusted they have been tested multiple times showing there properly dosed oor at least close that’s that’s the real deal truth

  21. used most of the labs in the poll. don’t touch Medtech is dogs shit. sis is bacteria city. keifei is a top lab, malay tiger infection town, dunning labs quality gear but like rocking horse shit to get, dimension oils are good, orals are bollocks and chiron decent lab but small time, probably made in his kitchen. my top 2, dunning if you can get it, keifei if you cant.

  22. Triton Pharm Canada works really good for me . Winstrol tabs, Trenbolone Acetate and testosterone propionate single ampoules are was amazing cycle for this summer. Atm I am on Deca 250 and Sustanon 250 + 3 times daily x 1 tablet Dianabol. Great bulk.

    • Did you manage to get any info on these mate, just picked up a pot of VAR and it’s from this lab… not heard of before so reluctant to take

  23. anyone herd or used centurion labs and spartan labs centurion labs used to be good but have changed its now total shit

  24. Golden triangle was one of my favorite back in the day when I first started and one that’s gear only carried geneza their product was tight notch I remember the good old quality vet I hate when s*** gets so mainstream they don’t care about the quality anymore

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