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I have tried just about every Anabolic compound on the market but the one that has alluded me up to now is TRESTOLONE DECANOATE.
I have used Trestolone Acetate a few times and always been happy with the results but the frequent injection protocol has always been the only drawback.  Enter TRESTOLONE DECANOATE, with a half life of 15 days a very attractive alternative.

As we all know, Trenbolone with the Acetate ester attached is VERY different to Trenbolone with the Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester attached. So what changes would we see between Trestolone Acetate and Trestolone Decanoate, other than the obvious with the shorter half life.   I have decided to log weekly, my first long ester use of Trestolone.

I have been waiting for the reputable Amino Asylum to restock the 150mg per ml Trestolone Decanoate but sadly it has remained out of stock for awhile and then i heard Dunning labs whom i have used countless times before had just released a 100mg per ml version at a very reasonable price and thus i purchased.

I’ve enclosed a photo of the product. Note how dark the Decanoate version is along side the short ester equivalent.  My original intention was to use the short ester at the same time, but this would cloud over the exclusive actions of the decan version, so its just usage of the one compound.

5.11 – 252lb – (17%) – objective – competition in Thailand in November.

WEEK 1.  So i started today and will post an update here every week.  I am doing exactly 300mg per week into 1 glute injection using a blue 1 inch needle. Injection went smooth, and whilst it’s early to report pip, i can assume a no pip report to follow. I will obviously post an honest and detailed report after 1 week of usage, excited to see how we get on, watch this space!


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  1. Look forward to seeing how this one goes.

    I have just started my first ever run of trest acetate, the stuff is ridiculously good, the eod pinning doesn’t bother me but I’m always up for a longer acting version of most compounds I use.


  2. I’m running trest ace right now for first time 25mg Ed,…2 weeks in now and I’m stacking with 300mg npp and 150mg test (keeping test low because you don’t really need it for ment but I like to have some circulating ) …I heard nothing but great things from this compound but I’m maybe not a great receptor, everyone else seems to be feeling this compound as quickly as 2 days or less and the estrogen/progesterone would be hard to control?…not even had to take an AI yet and had to fling in superdrol yesterday to get bloody started 😂 long story short, doesn’t work for some people and I’m apparently one of them, may try the decanoate at some point.

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