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The UGL Newsletter features Underground Labs from around the world. We collect information on both the UGL and the Products that the UGL manufactures. The type of information on the Lab will involve info such as Lab Quality, Range of Products available from the lab, Including reviews made from our readers on various Products the lab is involved with.  We are unbiased, and our findings on Labs will be based on reviews made by readers as well as information online regarding testing of product, either for sterility, dosage or compound.If you are a UGL and find yourself on our page and believe unfairly so, and wish to be removed, contact us with more information.

Quite Simply, The idea behind this page, is to bring all the Reviews and Test Results on all the UGL’s currently in operation around the world into one place and to ensure that YOU, the reader stay scammer free.

A friend of mine recently became very ill as a result of using a dirty UGL. He is lucky to be with us today. Some underground Labs take great care and pride in there work, to ensure that we, the user, get a product that is as clean as it needs to be, but there are also some very bad UGL’s that do nothing whatsoever to ensure a clean product, often bypassing procedures that are essential, just to earn a quick dollar!

Updates will be added weekly to our blog. Meanwhile, if you wish to subscribe to our UGL Newsletter, we send out an updated page each month on whats going on in the world of the UGL.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAW before considering a purchase of Anabolic Steroids. Here, in the United Kingdom, as a user and a buyer, you are protected by LAW. You may purchase Anabolic Steroids for your own personal use. You may use Anabolic Steroids for your own personal use. You must NOT sell Anabolic Steroids, nor import Anabolic Steroids or Raw Powders into the country, no matter if they are for personal use or not.

This site is intended for the use of persons from within the EU.

We currently have 2 lists on our website. We have THE MOST POPULAR UGL which features many labs that many guys are using, but please remember, that this list is based on votes from you guys reading this site.  Our other list which is called THE BEST UGL is a list of labs that have been tested by companys online such as Chemtox and ChemClarity, so this list is much more accurate and gives evidence to support.

If you are considering making a purchase with a source you have discovered, you may contact us in complete privacy as we may be able to confirm that yes, the source you have found is legit, or no, the source is a scammer. Lets keep working together to ensure that we do not give our hard earned cash to any of the many scammers online.

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  1. Hi,
    Just recently been contacted by someone on Facebook selling Prostasia Labs. The guy goes by the name Paul Stewart here’s a link to his profile
    So I asked him for proof if prostasia was good and he sent me some lab results for them stating oxandrolone at 55mg per tab.
    The testing was done by

    So my question is have you heard of prostasia or before and are you able to clarify if both or either are legit?
    If you want I can send you a picture of the lab result sheet he sent me, although they have removed client name from the picture which makes me sceptical anyway.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  2. I was surprised I did not see Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC) on either the best or most popular list? I’ve read tons of good things about them and just ordered some Test Enanthate from Roids24, is this there some reason this lab has not been reviewed here?

  3. Hi, can i send you testosteron from the UGL A-Tech-labs ?? i dont know if its real i inject for 5weeks 600mg per week and dont feel different. They say its 300mg/ml.

  4. Is there somebody who can sell a lot of hgh from keifei to me? I cant find anyone no more who sells it. Its the only brand of hgh that doesnt make me tired. Grt

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