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Signature Dianabol

One of our readers, Richard, recently contacted us with a lab I knew nothing about. Signature! Packaging looked great, label looks professional, even carrying what looks to be a pretty unique hologram.

Richard claimed the product did everything that he expected it to do, but was surprised to find it come back from testing as something other than what was claimed on the packaging. I have since looked into this, and have indeed found the Sample Analysis. identified as Sample W001929.

The Sample page claims the following.

Date Received: 12/06/2014
Postcode: PR2
Purchase Intent: Methadienone
Package Label: Signature Methadienone 10mg
Sample Colour: Pink
Sample Form: Tablet
Consumption Method: Oral
Self-Reported Expected Effects: Increased Libido, Increased Strength
Self-Reported Unexpected Effects:
Sample Upon Analysis (Major): Methandrostenolone
Sample Upon Analysis (Minor): Stanozolol, Oxymetholone


Firstly Richard. Methandrostenolone, which is the listed major ingredient, is indeed another name for your Dianabol. You see, Dianabol is misleading. Dianabol is no longer manufactured, so to speak! It is called that by many UGL’s and Pharma Operations because it is more renown than the actual name it should be. Dianabol is just a trade name. The name it should be is either Methandrostenolone, as yours is, or Methandienone. So we have no problems there. Now we do have an issue with the fact the minors are showing Stanozolol (also known as Winny) and Oxymetholone (also known as Anadrol, or Anapolon50). Now this isn’t great, BUT there could be a simple explanation.

Firstly, how much of the minor was there, sadly, the site doesn’t show. Perhaps it was a tiny trace amount, in which case, its no problem. We do know that it was less than the main ingredient, but that’s all we do know. It could be anything from 40% – 0.5% of the Pill tested! If it was a high amount, then it is indeed an issue, and I would be quick to cry fake. However, if it was a trace amount, there could be a simple explanation such as contamination during the Pill pressing procedure. For example, Joe Bloggs creates a batch of Stanozolol, he then creates a batch of Anadrol, he then creates a batch of Dianabol. During the manufacturing process, he does not clean the machine between manufacturing, and contaminates all Pills pressed. This is POSSIBLE, but is it likely? one 1 pill, yes. On many pills pressed, no. The only way to be sure is to  test more pills, perhaps another batch.

I have since researched the ugl Signature, and they do seem to be ok with other products tested. In light of this, I would give them the benefit of the doubt and certainly not be quick to cry fake.



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