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Cambridge Research Test400

My review is for Test400 that is made by a new lab called CAMBRIDGE RESEARCH

Cambridge Research Steroids

I had heard of this lab on a bodybuilding forum I am a member of. The feedback had been very good, and the price was reasonable.
So I contacted my source and ordered a product called Test400. The Test400 had the following contents within along with dosages.
Testosterone Propionate 70mg/ml
Testosterone Cypionate 165mg/ml
Testosterone Enanthate 165mg/ml

I thought that because the cr Test400 had a fast acting short ester in there, being Prop, I would inject every other day. So my dosage schedule was 1ml eod. I was told I would not suffer any pip, and to be truthful, that did concern me slightly. A strong product like this, with as much as 70mg per ml of Prop and a further 330mg of Test, should be giving me some sort of discomfort. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want crippling pip, but at a dosage of 400mg per ml, I do want to know ive injected something!
I didn’t need to worry. The day after a glute shot, I did feel pip. It wasn’t crippling, and was totally bareable, but it did give me some type of comfort knowing that the product was strong. Yes im well aware that pip can be caused by high solvent ratios as well as high hormone concentration, but still, I was happy to accept that it was possibly hormone.
My intention was to run the Cambridge Research Test400 for a period of 12weeks, but actually finished after 10weeks due to a change of plan with my steroid stack.
Into the 2nd week, I could certainly feel the prop working for me. Now I have taken Prop many times over the years, so  know exactly what to look for and when, and so, when it did kick in, I knew it was the prop taking effect. The usual libido rise and hardening of muscles, and also the gym pump.
Into week 4 and the long esters were just starting to take effect. Strength was rising and weight was also rising as I started to hold a small amount of water weight, which I corrected with some arimidex.
After 12 weeks the cycle was over, I did run a small pct that lasted 4 weeks, and then took the usual bf check, measurements and weight.
Slightly disappointing that in the 12 weeks, I had only gained about 3lb in muscle, with a bodyfat drop of just 1%.

My opinion on Cambridge Research Test400.
It certainly works, and it works OK, but its not as amazing as some people online will lead you to believe.
My personal opinion is that the dosaging is not 100% accurate. There is certainly Cyp, Enan and Prop within the product, but im not overly convinced there is 400mg per ml, based on my feelings, results and past experience with similar labs and dosaging.

If you cant get your hands on anything else, then CR Test400 will certainly work for you, Is it the best lab out there? No.  Does it work? Yes it does.

Review submitted by BigJay

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