Anabolic Steroid Test Results

ISIS Anavar 50

Isis Anavar50 which is supposed to be 50mg per tablet.

Packaging for Isis Labs looks fantastic!
Very professional looking.
Each tablet is supposed to contain 50mg of Oxandrolone, which is also known as Anavar.
Each container is supposed to contain 60 tablets.
isis anavar 50

Results of Testing.
isis lab results

Summary of Lab results for ISIS ANAVAR 50MG
Isis Anavar 50mg contains just 9mg of Oxandrolone, which means it is massively underdosed.
As well as being massively underdosed, Isis Anavar also contains 27mg of Stanozolol, which is also known as Winny.
Therefore, ISIS LABS are a lab that will NOT be recommended by our site.

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