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Dunning labs Parabolan

Stop worrying so much about lab testing the Testosterones, the Decas, and the Eq’s guys.  If you want a sure way of finding out if the UGL you are using is legit then look no further than getting one of the most expensive compounds tested such as PARABOLAN aka TREN HEX. A dishonest UGL will undoubtedly be using Trenbolone Enanthate instead of  Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate for two reasons.  1, The compounds are extremely similar, even half lifes are close. 2, Tren Hex can cost 5 times as much to buy than Tren Enan.

If a UGL is only in it for the money, trust me, this is the compound he will be scamming on.  If the lab results comes back legit, then its highly certain that the rest of the line up will also be ok.

Dunning labs have been on the scene now for many years, and certainly rank in my top 3 UGL’s for quality. Almost every cycle i compile, i will have at least 1 product in that line up from dunning labs.  Customer service was certainly a problem for many in the past but with the demise of the website and a return to the old fashioned email system, it all does seem to be in good order again.

A fairly recent lab result given to us by TM over at meso which shows us that not only is dunning labs given us the hex we expect but its over in dosage too. props dunning labs, we salute you!

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  1. Tren hex has undoubtedly been my favourite tren cycle in years.
    As usual my go to lab is dunning because you simply cannot go wrong with this lab.
    Easily the best I’ve felt and gains were incredible with Barely any sides at all. I find with enanthate the insomnia and night sweats are far more profound and for some reason after about 8/9 weeks into the cycle it starts playing with your head a bit, irrational thoughts, paranoia and just a general feeling of unease. I do tend to run ace more often than not because it gives me more control in every way and far less sides than e…I would run tren for a year if I could because when you get the cycle and dosing right nothing beats it…have missed the boat this year with the hex as I have found running tren in the summer is hard work due to having a very physically demanding job, dehydration and stamina issues so tend to go for it just after Christmas when it’s much cooler…no affiliation with dunning by the way just very fortunate to have access to an outstanding lab…

  2. Is email site you now have to use to buy dunning products legit
    ? He has sent me.price list but prices seem to good to be true

    • ive used the same email for years, its never changed. any other email selling dunning is not selling dunning because they have only ever used the riseup one. website was operated by the italy guy, glad its no more, the site was tough to navigate, email is better

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