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Malay Tiger Tren Ace

Malay Tiger seems to be one of those labs that nobody knows a whole lot about! Is it a Pharma Lab, is it a UGL?  Our research suggests it is a UGL, operating out of eastern europe, although the website does claim to be Malaysia!

Various reviews online, some suggest underdose, some suggest good to go, others suggest dirty gear, so what does the Lab Tests Show on Malay Tiger TrenAcetat-150


The Product itself looks professional! Little Stamped Glass Ampoule’s, great packaging with a personal hologram. The Lab test revealed some interesting information which goes against many of the claims online that it is under dosed.


The actual content should be 150mg of Trenbolone Acetate, and the content was 146.8mg of Hormone. This means that whilst it is indeed under the stated dosage, it is marginal. Certainly, based on this test, Malay Tiger Tren Ace, we would recommend!

Also worth noting that the BA ratio was rather high, but yet a very low BB ratio. Tren Acetate CAN be difficult to keep in solution, especially when using poor quality powders. The fact that these guys have been able to keep the Trenbolone stable at such a low BB ratio would hint towards good quality raws, although I’m sure the 3% BA was not aimed for, and thus that would be the purity level drop on the Raw Powder. Overall, a product i would be more than happy to use myself and recommend.



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